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NZ Imported Timber Trade Group - NZITTG

Charter 2018

1. Membership and Attendance of Meetings:

2. The goals of the Group are as follows:

3. Conditions of Membership of NZITTG

The following conditions apply to members of the NZITTG. In addition, further conditions may be agreed to from time to time through consensus at NZITTG Council meetings.

First agreed October 1994. Recently revised and adopted August 2018.


Sustainably/Responsibly Managed Forests and Plantations Timber and Timber Products (including 'conversion timber' - that from forest being cleared for plantations, and industrial agriculture.) Consensus Credible Certification Scheme.

"Timber" includes all solid timber wood products, including timber, plywood, veneer and glulam.

For the purposes of the targets, Verified Legal Origin "equivalent" includes FSC Mix and FSC Controlled Wood.

The measurement period for the target is based on the in-store stock, each 6-month reporting period for NZITTG.

The Chair has the right to review companies' reports or request further information on the recommendation of the Task Force.

Third Party certified Sustainable and Responsibly Managed includes 100% FSC or PEFC sustainable forest management certification only, and chain of custody must be maintained through the supply chain to the end consumer.


Current exclusions include:

  1. All Solomon Island timbers provided the timber has NEPCon legality verification and is purchased from current SITPEA members.
  2. The exclusion for Indonesian timber expires on 31 March 2019.
  3. The exclusion for Fijian timber expires on 1 August 2018.