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New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group

Charter of Understanding

1.Membership and Attendance of Meetings

The New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group (ITTG) comprises representatives of New Zealand's tropical timber importers, tropical timber retailers, and environment and conservation organisations. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is represented as an observer.

There is a Task Force of the ITTG comprising one representative of each of timber importers, retailers and conservation groups. The Chairman of ITTG and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry representative are members of the Task Force, ex officio. The Task Force has been established to actively seek and develop sources of sustainably managed tropical timber, and it reports back to the ITTG Council.

The representative decision making body for the ITTG members is the ITTG Council. ITTG Council representatives shall be limited to individuals duly elected, invited or appointed to represent their industry sector or organisation's interest. Attendance at ITTG meetings is limited to ITTG Council members, except by special invitation of the Council. It shall be made up of a maximum of 20 representatives: six timber and manufactured board importer, six timber retailer, four conservation and environment NGO, one furniture manufacturer, two furniture importers, with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as an observer. A preference shall be given to representatives of industry or sector organisations.

Membership of the ITTG is open to all groups and companies with an interest in the tropical timber trade. Members of ITTG acknowledge the importance of active participation by interested groups outside the original founding member groups. Membership shall be open to individuals duly elected, invited or appointed to represent their industry, sector or organisation's interest. Membership is through invitation with the consensus support of the ITTG Council. Members agree to abide by the conditions established in the Charter of Understanding and membership can be revoked by the Council if conditions are breached.

The ITTG has a spokesperson and a chairperson who are elected once a year by the group. The spokesperson is the official representative of the Group. Decisions of the Council are made by consensus at meetings which are held approximately four times a year.


The goals of the Group are as follows:

3.Conditions of Membership of ITTG

The following conditions apply to members of the ITTG. In addition, further conditions may be agreed to from time to time through consensus at ITTG Council meetings.

First agreed October 1994 Revised and adopted June 2002 Revised and confirmed August 2004 Revised and amended October 2007