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Currently the NZITTG is moving quickly towards the importation of 'Third Party Verified Legal' tropical hardwood, as a first step towards meeting the NZITTG goal of certified sustainable sources.

Members have agreed that all Indonesian timbers will be 100% VLO certified or better by 1 September 2011. In a step-wise approach "VLO" (Verified Legal Origin) schemes lead to "Verified Legal Compliance" (VLC) and then on to sustainability type certification for which FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification is best known.

The schemes under which the Forest Management Unit (FMU) and subsequent Chains of Custody (CoC) operate must be carefully assessed and measured. To do that, NZITTG have designed a checklist of criteria that interested parties can use to assess whether the different providers qualify as credible legality verification schemes.

Schemes and Assessment

The assessment of the various schemes currently available requires some careful inspection and insight. An NZITTG member may be available to clarify some of the issues or alternatively refer you to a more expert advisor if preferred. The NZITTG holds a proprietary copy of a weighted criteria checklist tool that is available to members and their suppliers to use.

The NZITTG has identified the following scheme providers in the Member's Annual Report to ITTG Council on progress towards ITTG goals:

Download the principal Criteria document here »