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VLO: 'Telling the Story'

The timber industry has negotiated, via NZITTG, a basis for limited promotion of 3VL Kwila (third party verified legal Kwila) while still giving certified sustainable timber products unfettered access to full scale media advertising and promotion in whatever form. We describe below six options which allow 3VL Kwila products to be promoted without breaching the NZITTG charter or what is permitted under the regulations of the legality schemes themselves: A generic informative poster or bulletin ie. as previously prepared by MAF (NZ Government). A special staff teaching/learning module, in whatever form. A trade publication/editorial - perhaps based on the more »

NZITTG Press Release

13 April 2011 Timber Importers and Retailers Only Buy Legal or Better from Indonesia Auckland: From September 1st 2011 members of the NZ Imported Tropical Timber Group (NZITTG) will only import or sell timber from Indonesia that has credible verification of legality, as a first step towards sustainability. "This is a huge step towards achieving our goal of ensuring that all tropical timber imported into the country is in time sourced from sustainably managed forests. It's also a great way to celebrate 20 years of the NZITTG," said Malcolm Scott, the Chair of the NZITTG and a timber importer. " more »

The ITTG Website

Those involved in imported tropical timbers in New Zealand have come a long way from the environmental "dark ages " of the 1980's and 90's when Greenpeace took action and demonstrated in front of several timber merchant yards .These events motivated members of the New Zealand timber industry in 1991 to meet, and take stock of the situation .It was felt that NZ was a small enough country to bring all the parties together and discuss issues face to face rather than through the media. Positive outcomes rather than public slanging matches was the objective. In 1992,under the inaugural more »

The Imported Tropical Timber Group On-line

It is standard practice these days. If you want information you go to the web. It is a powerful, informative and accessible source. Try a web search on "New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group" or even "ITTG" before now and a surprisingly varied array of sites would still have come up - each with its comment or specific piece of information about the Group. The launch of the New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group website is a timely and welcome development. ITTG Chair, Malcolm Scott recognises that it is important that people know about the ITTG and who it more »