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VLO: 'Telling the Story'

The timber industry has negotiated, via NZITTG, a basis for limited promotion of 3VL Kwila (third party verified legal Kwila) while still giving certified sustainable timber products unfettered access to full scale media advertising and promotion in whatever form.

We describe below six options which allow 3VL Kwila products to be promoted without breaching the NZITTG charter or what is permitted under the regulations of the legality schemes themselves:

  1. A generic informative poster or bulletin ie. as previously prepared by MAF (NZ Government).
  2. A special staff teaching/learning module, in whatever form.
  3. A trade publication/editorial - perhaps based on the MAF article.
  4. A website Policy Statement.
  5. "3VL" may be included in a shelf price notice or board (but not attached to the product).

Indiscriminate mass publications of a commercial nature should not refer to tropical timber "3VL" product. This opportunity is only available to sustainable certified tropical timbers, recognising that "3VL" is an interim position only, pending full sustainability eg. FSC, PEFC.

Examples of what is not permitted are:

Questions on this can be referred to NZITTG Chairperson. Malcolm Scott ph: 09 473-0553.